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Awesome Discounts for Awesome Salespeople


Join FREE this month and save up to $1,760 annually with the best deals on shopping, dining, travel, and more.

Featuring over 700,000 of the world’s best brands, including:

Some of our favorite deals:

  • Over $100 off automotive repairs and services nationwide

  • Up to 40% off any Samsung products (Washing machines, refrigerators, etc)

  • Up to 50% off select OfficeDepot/OfficeMax supplies

  • Save $200 on Apple Macs

  • Save $60 with Blue Apron food delivery 

  • Save $60 with Costco

  • Exclusive discounts on cell phone providers like T-Mobile and Sprint

  • Grocery coupons refreshed daily, redeemable at retailers nationwide

Getting started is easy!

We know you're probably thinking 'what's the catch?'

There isn't one! We wanted to give our program away for free during this challenging time to help, and we get paid from some of the brands when our sales people go in. That's about it. These brands are sold on the idea of sales teams and the money they spend on activities. (We modeled it after teachers getting discounts and thought why not us?) 


Sign up

Visit our website below to register with our exclusive sales discount program. It's quick and easy



We offer local and brand name discounts all over the United States. There is something for everyone


Redeem & enjoy

Save up to $1,760 annually on retail, shopping, travel, and more!

Sales Perks Across America

Thanks to our direct relationships with over 700,000 merchants, no other discount program comes close to delivering more savings in more communities throughout America.

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I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me.

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